How important is nutrition?

Nutrition is 70%-80% of your overall results. I am a huge believer in creating a healthy active lifestyle that is sustainable. And yes you can eat CARBS! You will not be going on any diets. Diets generally restrict calories or certain food groups. Diets are temporary and not sustainable. Which is why most people backslide and find they put the weight back on and fall back into old unhealthy habits. The eating habits I promote are eating proteins, fats and carbs that work for you and not against you. Yes you can have a deviation meal everyonce in awhile! It's OK to enjoy that burger or those pieces of pizza every now and then. By adopting a healthy eating lifestyle you'll experience more energy, your clothes will fit better, and your overall feeling of wellbeing will improve!

But...But what if I really like pizza?

I really like pizza too!! and wings and ice cream and tacos! I love food in general! =D That's the best part! You don't have to stop eating your favorite foods. You will learn how to fit all those delicious foods you enjoy into a healthy eating lifestyle. While still being able to lose weight, gain lean mass, lose fat, increase sports performance...whatever your goals may be!